Bra fit guide

What does a well-fitted bikini top look like?

The band of the bikini is firm enough around your body to grip to your rib cage and not slip or move with activity. When you put both arms above your head the band stays in place.

The front and back of the bikini sits at the same level around your body.

The straps are adjusted so that the band is doing the support and the straps are merely assisting – not cutting into your shoulder, or slipping off constantly. Halter ties are comfortably fastened and don’t add too much pressure to the back of the neck. [If you have particularly large breasts consider avoiding halternecks, as the weight of the breasts can add a lot of pressure to the back of the neck].

The wires are touching your rib cage at the centre front, around the bust and at the underarm. The wire doesn’t lean onto breast tissue.

Your breasts are contained within the cups. There isn’t any bulging over the cups or at the sides. There isn’t any loose fabric around the cups.

Wacoal Europe (manufacturer of Fantasie and Freya swimwear) has posted this informative video about what to expect from a bra fitting and how to know if your bra fits properly.

At Airy Mary you'll find a wide variety of swimwear styles: underwired, non-wired, moulded cup bikins and soft cups, bandeaus, halternecks, control swimsuits and tankinis. When it comes to sizing, there can be variations in the shape of the underwire (rounded or horse shoe) and differences in the stretch capacity of the band fabric. Variety is great but it helps to think about how you'll use the swimwear and which style bra suits you best.  

Another thing to consider is that there is usually only one band fastening on a bikini top. So if you tend to wear your bras on the widest setting, consider going up a band size in a bikini.

Kris Line Sizing

We have converted Kris Line's sizes to UK sizes in the drop down menus. Please choose your normal size.

Differences between EU and UK cup sizes

Kris Line (a long-established Polish brand) has its own sizing system. Like most EU manufacturers, their cup sizes go up by 2cm, whereas in the UK cup sizes increase by 2.54cm (1 inch). This means that Kris Line’s cup sizes are slightly smaller than the UK and the difference becomes more noticeable in larger cups sizes. Therefore we've converted to UK sizes as accurately as we can - based on Kris Line’s own conversion chart and by comparing bikinis at Airy Mary.

Of course, if you are already familiar with Kris Line sizes then choose the size you know fits you best.