At Airy Mary we have a wide choice in G cup swimwear. As a fuller bust specialist, it's one of our best-selling sizes. Fortunately the UK is hope to some of the best bra sized swimswear brands in the world, so you can your pick of G cup bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits by Panache, Freya, Lepel, Fantasie, Pour Moi and many more.

Best G Cup Swimwear

Breasts with the volume and weight of a G cup, deserve the best in swimwear support. Most G cup swimwear is underwired, but for those looking for more comfort in the pool, we do try to stock non-wired as well, and Moontide is one company that offers non wired G cup bust panels in their bathing suits with integrated power mesh for support. As Moontide is a surf-inspired New Zealand brand, there is no compromise on style either.

Freya and Fantasie are all-rounders for G cup swimwear - they offer fashion-forward and youthful styles in Freya in strapless, halter and standard straps, as well as sophisticated, grown-up swimwear with fantastic shaping and bust support in Fantasie. Both brands rarely release designs without underwire (the Freya Penza is an exception), so drop us a line if you want to hear about Freya and Fantasie's forthcoming wire-free swimwear.

At a more affordable price point, Pour Moi is the go-to brand for G cup swimwear. We particularly like their retro style halter bikini tops which are usually available with a wide choice of bikini bottoms - from high waisted bikini bottoms to swim shorts and classic cut briefs.

For those looking for a strapless G cup bikini, check out Panache or Cleo by Panache. We find their moulded cup strapless bikinis the most supportive available at the mid range price point.

So if you're looking for G cup swimwear, we're confident you'll find the perfect style to flatter your shape and work with your beach lifestyle here at Airy Mary.