Freya is a deservedly popular brand for fuller busted bra wearers. The styling of the cups and placement of straps makes a Freya bra one of the most comfortable on the market, even for women with small rib cages and narrow shoulders. If you've never tried Freya bikinis then you really will be surprised at the comfort, support and styling this brand offers.

Each season Freya release a new collection of fashion bikinis - designed to meet the trends and colours of that particular season, as well as a offering a core collection of active and black swimwear all year round [called the Continuity Collection]. Freya bikinis are sold as separates and bikini tops usually come with a variety of matching briefs and shorts to offer a choice of coverage.

The best months to pick up a new Freya fashion bikini is December to April, with a few fashion bikinis released in June and November too. In the past, Freya have stuck with some best-selling styles, but  re-releasing them in new colours, stripes of prints each season. The Cha Cha, Spirit and Tootsie are good examples of styles you might see in a new colourway each season. If you love crochet bikinis, Freya usually includes one or two in each Spring Collection. Freya is owned by the same company as Elomi [plus size] and Fantasie. So if you like the support and styling of Freya, but are looking for something aimed at a slightly older female audience, then check out Fantasie biknis. If your band size is larger than 38-40 inches, then head over to Elomi for swimwear.

For sizing, we suggest that you try the same size in Freya bikinis as you would in your Freya or Fantasie bra size. Enjoy!