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5 Things to do with a Beach Sarong when you're not wearing it

Did you know that a simple sarong can be your unsung hero on holiday? We are big fans of this, the simplest of beachwear. Shop the current beach sarong collection.

Beach Sarongs as the Holiday Hero

A sarong is a stylish and versatile piece of beachwear. It can be a skirt, a beach dress, or even a pair of trousers – not to mention a scarf, shawl, or headscarf. But the sarong is even more versatile than most people give it credit for, and not all of its uses involve wearing it. Here are five ways you can put your favourite sarongs to good use when you aren't actually wearing them:

Use it as a Light Towel

In a pinch, a sarong can come in handy as a light towel. True, it probably won't get you from soaking wet to bone dry, but if you're enjoying the beach and wearing a sarong you're probably in a climate that will do most of the drying work. If you just want to hurry things along, a sarong will do great and the fine, thin fabric will soon dry out ready to wear again. Alternatively, you could just use it in place of a towel to lie on.

blue beach sarong

Improvise a Picnic Blanket

Another simple but effective use for a sarong is an improvised picnic blanket. There are few things more pleasant than a nice picnic on the beach, but sand gets everywhere and it's usually best to put as many barriers between beach and food as possible. Simply spread out your sarong, and you will find it's as effective as any purpose-made blanket – and probably a lot prettier.

Tie it Into a Bag

If you want something to carry your belongings in, or maybe a few little purchases you picked up unexpectedly, your sarong can come to the rescue. Just bundle up all your belongings in the middle of the sarong, gather the corners, tie them up securely, and suddenly all your stuff is in a nice, stylish bag. It couldn't be simpler, but it could hardly be more effective.

Make a Pillow

Maybe you're relaxing on the beach but you really wish you had brought a nice soft pillow to go behind your head. Or maybe the pillow provided by your hotel turns out not to be quite enough and you find yourself tossing and turning and wishing you had a second one to bulk it out. Just bundle up some of your clothes inside your sarong, and you've got a super-simple improvised pillow.

Use it as a Packing Aid

Unfortunately even the best of beach holidays has to come to an end sooner or later, and when it does you will of course need to pack to go home. This is where one final but very handy alternative use for a sarong comes in. You will probably have both clean and dirty clothes, and ideally you will want to avoid getting the two mixed up in your suitcase so you will still know what's what when you get home. Just pick one group of clothes, clean or dirty, and wrap them up nicely in your sarong. This will keep them all bundled together, and prevent clean and dirty getting mixed up.

Pink beach sarong

Beach sarong in pink batik with coconut shell buckle

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