5 Things to do with a Beach Sarong when you're not wearing it

Did you know that a simple sarong can be your unsung hero on holiday?

Beach Sarongs as the Holiday Hero

A sarong is a stylish and versatile piece of beachwear. It can be a skirt, a beach dress, or even a pair of trousers – not to mention a scarf, shawl, or headscarf. But the sarong is even more versatile than most people give it credit for, and not all of its uses involve wearing it. Here are five ways you can put your favourite sarongs to good use when you aren't actually wearing them:

Use it as a Light Towel

In a pinch, a sarong can come in handy as a light towel. True, it probably won't get you from soaking wet to bone dry, but if you're enjoying the beach and wearing a sarong you're probably in a climate that will do most of the drying work. If you just want to hurry things along, a sarong will do great and the fine, thin fabric will soon dry out ready to wear again. Alternatively, you could just use it in place of a towel to lie on.

blue beach sarong

Improvise a Picnic Blanket

Another simple but effective use for a sarong is an improvised picnic blanket. There are few things more pleasant than a nice picnic on the beach, but sand gets everywhere and it's usually best to put as many barriers between beach and food as possible. Simply spread out your sarong, and you will find it's as effective as any purpose-made blanket – and probably a lot prettier.


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Batik Sarongs

It's difficult to beat the luxurious feel of a premium rayon sarong. They drape beautifully thanks to the weight of the fabric and stay relatively crease free.

Batik Sarongs | New Collection at Airy Mary

blue batik sarong

We're delighted to add these premium quality hand painted batik sarongs to our beachwear collection. Available in four colours and with a a coconut shell buckle to help you tie your sarong in a variety of ways. Made from rayon, which is derived from a natural plant, the sarongs have a soft, luxurious feel and are generously sized at 180cm wide x 120cm long. 

pink batik sarong with coconut shell buckle

Pink batik sarong

DD+ Swimwear | What's New?

Discover the latest DD+ swimwear

Summer 2016

Seville bikini DD+ cup

Best Selling Swimwear for 2016

Our swimwear in vintage inspired prints have been the biggest sellers of 2016.  Along with plain black tankinis and bandeau tops. High waist bikini bottoms and fold down briefs have been the strongest styles for bottoms.

Black Freya bandeau bikini top

Black Freya Bandeau bikini top and swim skirt. The bikini top has an optional halter strap and is underwired.

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Crochet Bikinis

We never seem to tire of the boho vibe for beachwear and this is particularly true for trend for crochet bikinis. It used to be that we couldn't find a crochet bikini in larger cup sizes, but thanks to brands such as Freya and Pour Moi, the choice is getting better each season.

white cup size crochet bikini underwired

Purple cup size bikini crochet

The Bora Bora crochet bikini is available in white or purple. Underwired with beaded tie details and available to G cup.

Look out in store for Freya's Cha Cha and Spirit crochet bikinis too.

Airy Mary logo

Moontide Swimwear

 Moontide high waisted bikini

Moontide has a reputation in the swimwear industry for designer pieces in luxury fabrics and vibrant prints, but at affordable prices. Compare this New Zealand brand to its more expensive Australian neighbour Seafolly, and you'll wonder why you're paying £30 more for that Seafolly bikini. Regularly featured on the front cover of fashion and swimwear magazines, this brand deserves all the good publicity it so easily attracts.

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