Introduction to Freya and Fantasie Swimwear

Freya Swimwear and Fantasie Swimwear are owned by Wacoal Europe, originally founded in the UK, and now world leaders in fuller bust lingerie and swimwear.

Meet Freya and Fantasie Swimwear

Who doesn’t love having the opportunity to bask in the sun in wonderful swimwear that accentuates all of their features? Freya Swimwear and Fantasie Swimwear are two brands that have established a loyal customer base, not just in the UK, but in the global fuller bust lingerie and swimwear markets. Along with Elomi, their plus size brand, there is essentially a swimwear design suited to every body shape. Before you consider picking up non-cup size swimwear from the sale rail of your local department store, consider what it would feel like to wear a bikini, one piece, or tankini that fits and supports in all the right places - just like your best bra? Swimwear as supportive as your own underwired bra with bikini bottoms in a shape that suits you. What's the difference between both brands? While both are fuller bust brands, Freya design swimwear for the youthful and fashion-forward, although there is definitely no age limit to the appeal. Fantasie release sophisticated grown-up swimwear each season with matching beachwear and excel in their swimsuit collections to HH cup.

Freya black bikini


Timeless black bandeau bikini top with optional halter strap from Freya.

Designed for Larger Busts

Both brands are owned by the same company (Wacoal Europe - formerly Eveden) and offer swimwear ranging from 28 band size to 42 and D cup to HH cup. Although many of the fashion collections finish at G or GG cup. Once you've chosen a colour or pattern there is a choice of underwired garments to suit your body shape including: swimsuits, tankinis, full cup bikini tops, balcony tops or bandeaus with optional straps. For halter necks check out Freya first, as Fantasie rarely include halter necks in their designs [the Bora Bora below is an exception].

Fresh Choice

In the UK, Freya and Fantasie swimwear are the top selling brands in the fuller bust swimwear sector. With a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from, it’s difficult not to find something to your taste. Fantasie offers an all-year-round ‘Essentials’ collection in solid black and both brands release at least one new style per month. The best time to buy, from a choice point of view, is April, as more styles are released between January and April than any other time of year. Freya is more fashion forward and youthful, while Fantasie is known for grown-up sophistication. Many women buy the same suit in different colours or prints each year as they know they can trust the style and sizing.

Fantasie Bora Bora bikini


Fantasie's Bora Bora halter neck bikini with a choice of standard or deep briefs.

Support and Comfort

The media inundates us with images of celebrities in tiny string bikinis, but if we bear in mind that they are generally wearing them for the duration of a photoshoot only, have a team of stylists and possibly had breast enhancement surgery, it makes more sense that we struggle to replicate the look. For any woman on holiday a few well-chosen pieces can be key to having a comfortable, confident time. Instead of trying to challenge gravity in swimwear that is essentially unrealistic, we can shop for supportive and flattering swimwear instead.

Swimwear Separates

All Fantasie and Freya swimwear is sold as separates.  Whether you want bikini bottoms or shorts, or a bikini top or a tankini, the options are up to you. Different size on the top and bottom? It just isn't a problem when you buy separates. On a budget? Invest in one bra sized top piece and wear with existing bikini bottoms.

On Sale Now

The sophisticated monotone Tanzania Bikini in ivory and black.

Fantasie white bikini

Fantasie's Antigua bikini in a fresh, tropical green. Underwired, full cup and available to H cup with a choice of shorts, or briefs [shown]. The stunning white Boca Chica was our best selling bikini last year and understandably so. 

Shop the Fantasie swimwear collection now.

Shop the Freya swimwear collection now.

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