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Fuller Bust Blog Directory

While I was setting up Airy Mary, I found a great deal of inspiration from fuller bust blogs. The passion and enthusiasm of many bloggers was simply infectious. From blogs that featured lingerie brands I wasn't familiar with, to Pin Up Girl dresses that flatter hourglass body shapes so well……I was hooked.

I always wanted to share a list with Airy Mary customers and I've finally got around to doing it. Here is a directory of fuller bust blogs that you're bound to love, plus some stores which specialise in clothing for hourglass figures.

[There are no affiliate links in this blog and I have no affiliate connections with any of the bloggers or companies mentioned.]

Lingerie & Swimwear

The Lingerie Addict

Cora Harrington's blog is one of my favourites. It covers all sizes and is constantly updated with new products and brands. Cora is US based, but her reviews cover global brands.

A Sophisticated Pair

Erica's blog is very personal and honest. She is informative about all aspects of bras and bra-fitting, but as a woman with a smaller back and fuller bust herself, she's a great source of information on brands to try if your band size is 26-30. Again, Erica is US based, but her reviews cover European brands too.

 2 Cakes on a Plate

I particularly love Mette's detailed reviews on forthcoming lingerie and swimwear. By visiting trade shows, such as Moda in the UK, she gives her readers tantalising insights into next season's offerings. Mette is also a source of inspiration for pin up girl looks.

Curvy Wordy

Curvy Wordy is a blog by a UK based plus size woman who is so attractive that she rocks the clothes she reviews. Responses from her large number of followers clearly reflect how other plus size women are inspired to feel more body positive and confident as a result of this blog. Her reviews of large cup bras (think K+ cup) are incredibly helpful and if you wear a K+ cup and haven't discovered Polish bra manufacturers you need to read this blog today.

Big Cup Little Cup

Sian and Charley write about bras from both perspectives (small bust sizes and large cups in case that isn't clear in the title!). This is a UK based blog with reviews of UK and European brands.

Invest in Your Chest

Cheryl, who recently dropped some weight on a fitness programme (congrats Cheryl!) writes detailed reviews on products and forthcoming collections with a scores out of 10 for the key elements we look for when buying lingerie. Like me, she's a fan of Pour Moi? and Parfait for inexpensive lingerie for the fuller busted.

Hourglass Clothing Stores

 Hourglass dress Hourglass dress blue hourglass dress evening

Dresses by Lindy Bop [£30 to £35]

Lindy Bop

A UK based online store with  wide range of vintage inspired clothing. I've bought dresses from Lindy Bop several times and they arrive very quickly, are true to the description and images on the website and are very good quality for the money. 

The Pretty Dress Company

I managed to buy a plain, navy dress on sale at this store and was knocked out by the quality and how flattering it is on. If you're a fan of Nigella Lawson's look, then this is the store for you. Although I imagine Nigella's dresses cost a little more..

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