Beach Wedding Dresses

Beach Wedding Dresses | Top Picks for 2016 How exciting! To be planning your special day on a warm, tropical beach in faraway climes. We wanted to be a part of the excitement, so here are some ideas for your big day. Starting with inexpensive options... Ophelia dress at Lindy Bop, £34.99 Love Triangle dress, Asos...

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5 Things Not to Wear with a Sarong

Miss World in a sarong 

Miss World Miss Philippines 2013. Photo : Miss World

The sarong has become the perfect beach accessory in recent years, providing an excellent cover up whilst also showing off your fashion credentials. Whilst it seems like an easy look to pull off, there are still ways of getting it wrong. Make sure you get it right by taking a look at 7 things you should avoid when wearing a sarong, and some things you might want to consider the next time you hit the beach.

High Heels

High heels are a menace on the beach or by the pool, with or without a sarong and most definitely a safety hazard. In the words of an American stylist friend, "the look is quite trashy"....mmm strong condemnation indeed. Instead, why not consider some bejewelled sandals or flip flops or a low wedge with cool rattan detailing? Ditching the heels doesn’t have to mean casual, there are still plenty of other suitable footwear styles which you can wear to add some glamour.

pool sandals

Opt for low heeleed sandals suitable for the pool or beach with waterproof soles.

The ultimate pool shoe with waterproof base and embellished with gemstones. £34 with free delivery from Airy Mary. More styles and colours available. Shop the beach shoe collection now. [continue reading]

Best Beach Reads of 2016

Girl in a bikini reading on the beach

Youve got your perfect bikini or flattering swimsuit, packed your sun cream and checked your flight for the hundredth time. Last chore pick out a brilliant beach read to help you waste a few happy hours topping up your tan with a page-turning novel. So to help you on your way, here are our top beach books to keep you entertained.

For those who loved Harry Potter

Darker by far, but with the same thrilling immersive story telling, Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar Children is an unforgettable Young Adult novel that really delivers some spine-tingling chills - just right for a hot beach read! The storyline includes ..Continue reading

Holiday Clothes | Tips for Holiday Packing

What to take on holiday?

It's a good dilemma to have. You're travelling to a beach or city break and need to pack the best capsule wardrobe possible.

Tips for holiday packing

I suspect that I'm unusual among women, but I feel less stressed about clothes when I have fewer to choose from. When I'm travelling my lack of choice is liberating. At home, bulging wardrobes rarely hold anything I actually want to wear. Invariably, the item I really need is in the laundry basket and I leave the house feeling less than confident. On holiday however, I’ve put careful thought into.. READ MORE.